18 October, 2012

Corby's 6th birthday!!!

Happy Birthday to my little man Corby. :)  He is 6 now.  We had planned on having a party at the house, but I sent out invites a little too late, so we went to My Crazy Frogs, then we hurried home to have icecream cake.  Lots of fun. :)

I am adding onto Corby's birthday pictures, of the things we did before and after cake.  

Corby showing off how he can show how old he is with 2 hands now instead of just one. 

We were late sending out invitations to Corby's birthday party, because of that, no one was able to come. So, to make up for no kids coming, we went to Crazy Frogs instead.

It is basically a huge store filled with bouncy houses.  It sure helps save $$$ if you want a bouncy house.  You can either rent one for your house, for a day, for $250, or go to Crazy Frogs with at least 20 bounce houses, no mess to clean up, and only $6/kid.  Not bad at all. ;)

Of course the kids love our new tradition of packing all of the presents into a large bag, hiding it, and playing Bullah Bullah for the birthday kid to find it. They love it, and I don't have to wrap presents, not bad at all. ;)

08 October, 2012

Riding Bareback :)

So Maren rode Buddy again, this time, Bare back.  She did a great job. Not too easy riding bareback compared to riding with a saddle. 

Sean had to work this time, so I had the whole crew with me this time.  Granny Pam was very understanding, and very patient and calm with all my little ones there.  I made sure I told the kids how they needed to behave while we were there.  But they got a free ride, on the tire/horse swing.  They had a great time on it, and they all loved seeing the horses, ponies, chickens, and donkeys.

Maren nicely mounted.

Corby petting Hershey the Donkey.  This donkey loves attention, and followed us around like a little puppy dog.  Very cute.  I had to move him a few times when he got too close to the tire swing. 

Everyone did a great job minding their manners, and they all had a great time. I just love Granny Pam's.

Maren, horseback riding lessons

Since Maren wasn't able to get into soccer this season, I gave her some options as to other things she could do.  Ballet, gymnastics, swimming, horseback riding.... As soon as I said the last one, the definite answer was "HORSEBACK RIDING LESSONS!!!!"  I had found a great website for horseback riding lessons online a while back, and had wanted to get the kids into it.  Sean doesn't like the cost, $25/hr, so I hadn't been able to try it out until now.  Since it is only short term, he is satisfied for now. Anyway, it is Granny Pam's, and her "ranch" is called Red Bucket Pony Farm. Granny Pam rescues, buys and sells, gives lessons, does camps, does pony rides for parties, and, well, you name it, she does it with her ponies and horses.  She has a different approach to teaching then I've experienced with lessons I've had in the past.  She teaches "natural horsemanship," so the lesson includes learning how to catch your horse, horse care, (ie. brushing, hoof picking, etc) how to behave around horses safely, saddling, bridling, and of course riding, and so on.  The lesson actually usually lasts for a good 3 hours, for the same $25.  For the lessons, instead of having a ring in which the kids on horses ride around practicing walk trot canter, she has an obstacle coarse that the kids learn to guide the horses through.  She also likes to do trail riding with the kids.  So far, I am liking her style.  In the future, if we ever get our own horse, those are the most important things the kids should know about riding horses.  Granny Pam is very sweet to the kids, yet she also demands respect.  Very patient.  So far so good. :)

The sign on the house as you come in. I thought it was cute.

Maren with Granny Pam.  

The little donkey they are petting is named Mr. T. He is blind, and loves being petted and being in the mix.  

Granny Pam and Maren going out to get the pony.

An extra horse picture to use as eye candy for grandma. ;)

Granny Pam's miniature Australian shepherd. She is adorable, and so sweet.

More eye candy. :)

The other student's coming in with their rides.

Maren's horse. He is a cracker horse named Buddy.  Very sweet, good first choice. 

Maren grooming her ride.

Time to saddle up.

The process of saddling. 

And she did it. :)

A momma and baby that Granny Pam had rescued.  She is trying to put weight back on the momma, and they are currently for sale. 

Adjusting the girth.

Lesson on bridling. 

Some more cute ponies. 

Off to the coarse. 

Lesson on opening and closing the gate properly with a horse.


Lesson on holding the reigns.

Checking the stirrups.

Getting ready to ride. :)
I thought I had some videos of her riding too, I'll have to figure that out later, stay tuned, maybe I'll get it on there later.

When a friend of mine heard about Maren doing lessons, she told me about her own horses, and let Brenna and me come out to see them. This horse is Lily, a horse she had since she was a teenager.  She is an ex-race horse she had adopted, and is very sweet and kind.  So kind, that she allowed Brenna to lead her around the paddock, and followed her around like a puppy dog. The other horse is named Isaiah, and she kind of inherited him. When she had her horse transported down here from her Aunt's farm, the Aunt sent him too.  She didn't have enough time for him, and so gave him to her.  She hasn't had much time to spend with him since she got him, because she became pregnant, and had a baby since she got him.  

Maren's second lesson is on Mister, a chincoteague pony from the island ponies of chincoteague. He is the 16th grandson of Misty, from the popular kids novel of "Misty of Chincoteague." He is my favorite pony, maybe because of his heritage, but also because of his sweet personality, and willingness to do what is asked of him. Also, Granny Pam got him, by going to the pony run. That is where she had bought him. Love it, something that would be so fun to do. :)


This is from Maren's third Lesson. This is Candy Girl.  A baby of Honey, and grand baby of Sugar, all on the premises.  She is only about 4 years old, but did a great job while Maren was riding.  She did try to test Maren a little bit, but Maren handled it great. I don't know what breed she is, supposedly a mixture of welsh, mini, and maybe something else, but she is pretty. :)

Granny Pam said she likes to let the kids ride different ponies each time to give them a good balance of how to deal with different situations.  She also mentioned that maybe today, Maren's next lesson, she may have her ride bareback, which is great for learning balance, and strengthening key muscles for horseback riding. I love the things she is teaching her.  After one of the lessons she had, she exclaimed,"now I want to go to Grandma's house and train her horses." A girl from my own heart.  Grandma, you now have a bonafide horse girl. :)