20 April, 2012


This is the closest the kids have gotten to what snow is like. Cold and wet and icy. They are having fun in this freak hail storm here.

12 April, 2012

Easter 2012

 The Easter Bunny made it to our house once again. Another successful Easter.  The kids loved the treats he left for us, and of course loved the egg hunt.  

 After our hunt, we drove off in our Easter Sunday Bests, thanks to Grandma Von, and had a wonderful Easter program for Sacrament Meeting.  Some how the Easter Bunny worked his magic and was able to get Sean off from work, to join us. :) I call that an Easter Treat.

 After Corby wanted to model some Easter Bunny Ears he had made.  I guess it must be his disguise to see the Easter Bunny.  Of course I just had some adorable pictures of him, and couldn't bare to  not put them on. ;)

 Brenna tried to get into the action as well.  Although she couldn't hold still long enough for me to get good enough pictures, hence the blurry photo.