29 March, 2012

80's day at school:)

This morning I dressed up Maren for 80's day at school. It sure brings back memories.
It was difficult with Conner. He really didn't want to do it, and I didn't have much time to really do him too. Although I did flip up his collar for a little 80's flair.

24 March, 2012

Beach after Easter fun

After our fun at the school with the egg hunt and seeing the Easter Bunny, we decided to get our things together for the beach.  Actually, this is on the Indian River.  Lots of fun.  We brought our puppy dog, Baby, so she could have fun too.  It also gave us a good reason to give her a bath after wards. ;)  

I bought some floaties from the dollar store.  The kids had so much fun on them. I even got Baby to ride a little raft we had, but I didn't get a picture, it was so cute.  I'll try to remember next time.

Baby had lots of fun in the sand and the water. It was also so much fun watching her swim around.  She really is adorable.  Of course its even more adorable whenever Brenna would swim around with her. 

We would have spent the rest of the day out there, but there was this one Lady who had the worse potty mouth.  The whole time she was cursing at her kids, and cursing at anything else that would happen, or just keep on cursing just for the heck of it.  I felt really bad for the kids, she had about four, and was with some friends of hers, that were perfectly well mannered. Two of her kids looked to be younger then Brenna, then one was about Corby's age, maybe a little younger, then one close to Maren's age.  It made me sick the way this Lady was acting, and no, she was not black, even though her friends were.  I was really disgusted with her. It ruined a good day.  
But on the bright side, because we returned early, it was good for Sean, his truck wasn't working too well, so he was able to use the van to get to work.  I guess those bad experiences can be blessings in disguise. ;)

Easter Breakfast at School

This Sunny Saturday we decided to attend the school "Easter Breakfast".  On the way we saw some neat Hot Air Balloons.  Maren and Conner mentioned that they see them often on their way to school in the mornings.  

Here we are eating pancakes, bacon, sausage, eggs, and drinking chocolate milk.  They also provided fun Easter coloring pages for the kids to enjoy.

Then the Easter Bunny came for a visit.  We were able to get our pictures taken with him.  Brenna was so excited to see the Easter Bunny, until she got closer.  Then it was just terrifying for her.  Corby was frightened right from the start of the Easter Bunny, so we had a little trouble getting him up there with him. 

But we finally dragged him up there and got a few pictures.  Not too shabby.

Later they let the kids loose on the lawn where they had many, many easter eggs for the kids to find.  They let the little kids out first, and had a designated area for them, then let the bigger kids out.  They all had so much fun finding the eggs.

Of course they had lots of fun eating what was inside of them.

It was a great way to start of the Easter season.  The kids are pumped and ready for when the Easter Bunny comes to visit us at home.  :)

17 March, 2012

Happy St. Patrick Day!!!!

Our st. Patrick's day was spent cleaning up, playing computers and watching basketball. For dinner we enjoyed corn beef and cabbage stew, with green creps for dessert. So yummy!!!!

13 March, 2012

Visiting Aunt Sage

To end our spring break, we went to Sage's house.   We had fun playing with her kids.  Of course, this was a great end to a fun vacation.  We went to the beach, again I didn't bring my iPhone, in case it were to get wet. so I don't have pictures of that, but the kids also had fun playing on the computers, and toys, and watching fun shows.  Sage is always such a great hostess, even though she is so busy.  They boys even got a taste of boy scouts as they made kites with them. We even tested out the kites, rode on scooters, and played on a playground.  So fun!!!