23 February, 2011

All about M.E.H.

I added thisafter the story. HA! HA!
Hi I am a daughter of this master mind. I was too young to make my own blog so I am writing on my mom's. I have no photos to share yet but maybe a  story . By the way I am an excellent  writer let me see aw here we go .....  One day there was a little girl who was named Kani. Kani   wondered   stuff like if she would have a good life a head or if she was just a little toy. Yep she could not stop she wondered things thin as air to big as a skyscraper. Her parents worried about her.  Then one day her cousin came over. Kani wondered if her cousin would be nice or just nasty. Her cousin's name was Janie . When Janie came over Kani  just  went wondering off.Janie said " hey Kani how are you?" "good" Kani answered then just went back to wondering. Janie was younger than Kani so she was extra curious. Kani got really annoyed. When Janie had to go back home after SUMMER VACATION!  Kani told  her mother and her father about Janie and how pesky she was. "Well  that is kind of how we feel about all your wondering ." Kani stood in shock. From then on she never worried too much ever again.
                                           THE      END                    
                                       This story had no lessons just a story to entertain just if you think it has real life lesson I repeat there is no lesson.            

Puppy Tricks

We are ready for the pet circus for Grandparents camp summer 2012.  As you can see we have been working hard to train Baby to do some fun tricks.  


Lay Down




Look Cute

Look Really Cute

Beginning of Roll- over

End of Roll- over

I had to take cute pictures for Grandma to enjoy as well

I'm sure Grandma would love this little cowgirl and cowboy!!!

Giddy up Horsey!!!! Go Brenna Go!!!!

Ride 'em cowboy Corby!!!!!

Cute little Brenna riding her bike.  This ones for Chrissy and Randy.  Look, she's catching up!!!!
She's so good she can ride with weight in the back!!!!  Tour de' France here comes Brenna!!!  ;)

20 February, 2011

Brenna's 2nd Birthday!!!!!

On Friday we celebrated Brenna's second birthday.  I thought I had candles, but found out I did not when the special moment came.  We had fun any way. 

The Cake

Since we didn't have candles, I cut her out a piece of her cake and we sang to her quickly so we could have the party with daddy there.  Since he is in outage now, he has to sleep days and work nights.  So we had so wait until he was about ready to go to work to do a quick birthday for her. We did manage to fit it all in though. :)

She definitely enjoyed it.

Conner giving the birthday girl a big hug.

Sleepy daddy enjoying the party and looking handsome in his work uniform.

Silly Corby making faces.

Maren Watching 

Cake face.  She is great at getting things all over her face.  Sorry the picture is out of focus.

Opening her presents.

Do you like the cute little doggy ears? 

The benefit of having older brothers and sisters, no one has to teach her how to open a present.  No Fear!!!!

Grandma Von gave her some cute clothes.  After she opened each one she would hug them happily like they were little stuffed animals.  It was so cute :)

Rocking out to her new guitar
You can tell she was very excited to open her presents and play with them.

Corby and I  saying Happy Birthday!!!!

Corby's Mowhawk

One day after Corby's bath, we decided to have fun with his hair, so we did it Mohawk style!!!!
How do you like it?


Left side


Right side

Funny face

Brenna's reaction

Dancing fool:)

Brenna showing Twila's reaction

Another really cute picture!!!  

14 February, 2011

Happy Valentines Day!!!

It's harder to draw on the paint settings on the computer then I thought.  Hope you like the Valentine I made all of you!!!
 With love from:


Conner and Corby

Maren and Brenna

And  me, Bonnie.....(Little Corby took this picture awhile ago, how do you like it?)

09 February, 2011

Brenna Pictures.


Brenna's birthday is coming up this month, so I thought I would start a new tradition of posting lots of pictures of the birthday girl, or boy when that day comes.   Here's a few I found.  I'll post more another time.  Enjoy these cute pictures of our cute little birthday girl.  By the way, she will be 2.  Time sure does fly when you are having fun.  :)