31 March, 2011

Twila's Memorial

In Memory of our Beloved Twila

This afternoon I was resting on the couch, after the kids got home from school.  Maren came in and in a worried voice said, "Mom, I think there is something wrong with Twila." Nothing ever good comes out of a statement like that.  So I quickly went to her room to check on our sweet little pet. Sure enough, she was lying still on her side at the bottom of her cage.  I don't know what happened. She had plenty of water, and plenty of food, and her cage was decent. 
We had a little funeral for her where we sang, "God Be With You Til We Meet Again."  I also read the scripture from Thessalonians3:16. "Now the Lord of peace himself give you peace always by all means.   The Lord be with you all."

Our sweet little Twila.  How we will miss you. 

Twila's homemade casket. Made with love.

The grave sight.

Everyone had a chance to tell her good bye and decorated her grave with pretty flowers from around the house.

Twila will be missed, but we know that life will go on, and that one day we will see our little Hamster friend again.  One of the blessings of having little pets, is it helps demonstrate the cycle of life, in a shorter timespan.  Thank you Twila for your wonderful lesson, and for being a wonderful little Hamster.

22 March, 2011

Power Outage

Last night at about 8:30pm, the kids and I were watching a show together, and I heard a small boom outside, and the power went out through out the whole house.  The first thing I did was to get a flashlight and make sure that all of the doors were locked.  Sean was working at the plant, so it was just me and the kids.  I looked outside, through the window, to see if the other houses were out as well.  No, it was just our house.  Everyone else had power.
The next thing to pop into my mind was a certain email that someone had sent me a while ago about killers, kidnappers, and rapists that would cut your power out to lure single women outside of their houses.  Needless to say, I was nervous.  I called Sean at work, to let him know what happened.  He suggested going to my fuse box and checking to see if a wire had just tripped.  No such luck.  Everything was still pitch black.
There wasn't much he could do from work, so we hung up, and I called a friend to get the number to FPL (Florida Power and Light) to report the outage and hopefully get useful information.  They said the earliest they could get someone out to our place was around midnight.  I politely thanked them, and asked them what to look for when they came, so as not to let in someone with bad intentions.  Luckily they said that they would not need to come into the house, so not to worry about that.
I was still nervous that there could be some mean prowler outside, and of course the kids were nervous as well.  So I called 911 and calmly asked if it were possible to send someone over to check and make sure the area was safe.  I always say it is better to be safe then sorry.  Besides, I didn't have any of my neighbor's phone numbers handy, otherwise I would have asked one of them to peek out their window to see if they could spot what was the matter.
This whole time I was trying to get the kids to bed as calmly as I could, but there was way too much excitement for them to go down too easily, and the slightest sound or movement would have them coming back out to me.  Luckily, at about 9-ish, the policemen came knocking at the door.  I told them my worries, and they looked all over, and tried to even look and see what would have caused the outage to my house.  They saw nothing, to my relief, and before they left, along came the FPL workers to check out the lines.  Thank goodness.
It was about 9:30ish when the lights finally came back on.  FPL kept calling with updates on the power outage.  Apparently I was one of five people who was affected by the blackout, the others I could not see within my house, and seemingly some small animal had caused it all.  What a relief.  I much rather it be some small animal that had caused it, then some strange person wanting to cause me and my kids any harm.
My sweet husband, during this escapade, was able to get out of work to come home and help me, but since he has to drive such a long distance, by the time he got home everything was already in order. He stayed home long enough to hear the great story, get a bite to eat, then return to work.
The kids also, finally were able to get to sleep soon after it all.  I just have to express my gratitude to the fact that the police acted so quickly, the FPL employees came so promptly, that my friend was so willing to help, and my sweet husband was so willing to respond to my little fright, and somewhat emergency.  We do live in such a great country to have such wonderful blessings as this.

18 March, 2011


I gave Baby a bath tonight.  Can you tell the difference?  They say that her breed name, Bichon Frise, means white fluff ball, can you tell why? 

Before the Bath, Yesterday. Not so fluffy,
and not sowhite.
After the bath, Today.  She is fluffier and
much whiter.

17 March, 2011

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Here is our st. Patrick's  day.
cute little kids waiting for leprechauns and not to mention GOLD!  

 Brenna with a fancy smile with a green top good thing too on the top of a pink sweatshirt.
 Corby captured our leprechaun 
 This is what Conner will do when he maybe will find Gold 
 Just to mention I wrote all this my mom asked me to.But I couldn't resist!
Trust me it was very very hard to catch the leprechaun and found it was a dog and she ran out of money.:(


12 March, 2011

patriotic dog


Since Baby is still a puppy, I still find her trying to chew on random items she finds lying around.  When I spotted her with the flag, I just had to get a picture.  It was a moment just too cute to pass up.  The best thing about having a small dog for a puppy.....when they chew on your stuff, you hardly notice. Her jaw isn't strong enough to chew  through things she finds.  I am also happy to say  that she is finally potty trained.  I guess she is finally old enough to hold it in longer.  She really has been a little blessing in our family.  I couldn't have asked for a better addition to our family.  

Oh Say Can You See!!!
A little happy American Dog!!! :)

10 March, 2011

Fun with Baby

Dress Up Time :)
Last night we had so much fun with dress up.  You know you have good pets when they let you torture them, through dress up, and they don't hold it against you.  We decided to play Baby doll with the puppy.  It was so much fun.  What is the point of having cute kids, cute pets, and a camera if you can't play a little dress up.  Right?

Pose for the camera
What a Ham
My girls....of course you can see what the boys were busy doing while we were doing dress up.   :)
Playing "Baby" ;)
Baby did a great job posing and letting us dress her up. She didn't complain once.  She was also great at being in the baby carriage.  She stayed in there so nicely.
You have to admit, that is adorable.
Here we put some butterfly wings on her.  Our little Fairy pup!!
I think this is my favorite of the butterfly pictures.  She tilted her head to the side just right for the picture.

Another favorite
You have to admit, these two were meant to be together.  :)
Bowing out.
Of course Meowy had to join the fun.
He was a good sport too.  He loves the attention.
Little posers.
I think this is my favorite of ME and Meowy.  So adorable.  

Climbing walls

This definitely brings back memories when I used to do this with my brothers and sisters growing up. The kids had so much fun climbing up the walls in the hall.  Those were the days.  :)  Also Brenna is showing off her new doll carriage that a friend gave to us for her.  She had a hard time letting go to do anything else.

BB and her new doll carriage.
BB daring to play London bridges with ME.
Spider girl
My cutie pies
getting ready to climb
Spider boys ;)
BB's attempt at climbing.  She is still a little to small.  
So much fun.

05 March, 2011

Monthly Home Depot Projects

On the first Saturday of each month Home Depot puts on these little projects for the kids to do.  They are given an orange apron, on which they can collect their pins each month.  The pins represent the projects they had finished.  We went about two or three years ago and made fire engines, but then didn't go again until last month, when we made the Valentine shelves.  Today we made little orange race cars.  The kids have so much fun making these cute little projects, and the staff at the store is usually so patient and helpful with them.  I think this will become a monthly activity for us.  :)
My cute little models

Look at those cute little smiles.  They all did a great job on their projects.

Add caption

Here is Brenna proudly showing off her little projects.  She is such a ham...  look at that cute little smile.

Corby is a little natural with the hammer a nails.  I think he is taking after Grandpa Thompson in doing wood work.

Maren is perfection.  She has such a steady hand and a good eye for things like this.

My handsome little model.  He did great also.  Putting things just right, so patient in waiting for  an adult to help.  Conner is my laid back little man.  So patient, so calm, so sweet.  ;)

Here are the pins they earn.  Maren's goal is to have them cover her apron. 

Meowy has become a race track.  I guess is makes sense, he is grey and has stripes, just like a road, right?  Here is the Meowy Cat Speed way!!!!!