23 December, 2009

Conner's loose tooth

Conner "had" a loose tooth. Today it came out. He was chewing on his shirt, which is a bad habit I've been trying to break him of, when his tooth caught on his shirt and came off. We were all so surprised. He came up to me and said "Ma!" that's what he calls me, "Ma! My tooth came out." He had a look of bewilderment in his eyes. Afterward Corby came out and said, "Me too. I want my tooth to come out too!" He is always in competition with his big brother. Go figure. My camera is filled up with pictures I need to down load, when I have done that I will put up a picture of his Jack- O- Lantern smile.

15 December, 2009

Conner's Birthday

Conner is five this year. That means he will be a kindergartener next year. We did a small family party, just like everyone else this year. But it was fun. Conner chose out a cheese cake for his birthday. He recieved many fun gifts from family. We had so much fun. Also, he as a loose tooth already. He is growing up. =+( They do grow up fast.
Conner's Camel, that he got from G'ma Thompson, is named Mudtato. Fun name, huh. Enjoy the pictures!

Maren's 8th Birthday

Maren is eight this year. A very big year for her. This is the year she was baptized this year by her daddy. This was all on Thanksgiving weekend. G'ma Von came over and helped us shop for things for the baptism, and we also had a big birthday breakfast at IHOP. We didn't do a big party this year because of space, and money. But it was a great family party. You can see a few of the fun gifts that she received. Aunt Heather also was able to attend the party along with her three Pomeranian, (P-nut, Tooie, and Cadberry) Slick, and Pugsie, whom she was dog sitting at the time. It all turned our really well. I think it was a good kick off for her eighth year of life.

Maren's Baptism

I know that I am a little behind in my report on Maren's baptism. It went really well. Heather and Yvonne came over with their crew of dogs, which was really fun for the kids. They came over the night before for Maren's Birthday and Yvonne gave Maren her beautiful white dress for her special day.
On Sunday we met grandma and grandpa Thompson and aunt Debbie at the church, which after church we had the baptism. It went flawlessly. Mommy, Bonnie, played the piano for the hymns and special musical number, "Baptism", in the middle, also sung by Debs (who did a great job singing). G'pa gave the opening prayer, G'ma Von gave the talk on baptism, Daddy (Sean) baptized and confirmed Maren a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latterday Saints, G'ma Thompson did the talk on the gift of the holy ghost, and Heather gave the closing prayer.
Maren said that the water was really cold. While G'ma Thompson was giving her talk on the Holy Ghost, little Corby said, "Is it my turn to get into the big water?" Afterward we had lots of food in the kitchen, I made a cheese ball with crackers (which was gone in a matter of minutes =+) ) among other things, and many other people brought food as well, no one went home hungry. Which I think is great. There was a really good turnout too. Then we had to wish everyone goodbye. It really went well and everyone did a great job making everything go smoothly. We are also grateful to the members of the ward supporting us and helping us in ways they could. My little girl is growing up. I couldn't feel more proud of her.