13 October, 2009

B-day Party Video

Corby's 3rd Birthday!!!!!

Here is Corby's fun filled birthday update. Since daddy is on night shift at the power plant we first dropped off Big sister at the bus stop and big brother at PVK. Then came the fun stuff. We played at McDonald's playground and ate a light breakfast. Then we headed over to Toys R Us where we found the perfect birthday presents for our Birthday Boy. Then we picked up Conner, played a bit on the school playground, then headed to the library where we played with puzzles, played on the computer, and checked out fun books. Afterwards we picked up Maren at the Bus Stop by bike, and made Corby's blue and green birthday cake, special order. Then we woke up daddy, and sang happy birthday to Corby, after his afternoon nap. Corby still looks tired in the pictures. But he had loads of fun playing with his presents. Thank you Grandma Von, and Grandma and Grandpa Thompson for the fun gifts. When I told Corby that he is 3 and not 2 now, he just said "No... I'm 2." Denying his age already.... It will take awhile for him to get used to 3. Another cute thing he said the other day, was when I was going through the shoes and clothes. He now can wear Conner's old things, but when I went to put them on him, he said, "No, That's Conner's!" I had to explain that everyone is getting bigger and that they didn't fit him anymore, but they fit Corby now. After awhile the got the concept, or at least he accepted the situation and accepted the "New" (used) clothes that Conner had outgrown. Kids are so cute. Well we had a fun, long day. Now it's time for the Birthday Boy to really get some sleep. Good Night Everyone!!! We love you!!!!

01 October, 2009

Going swimming

Today we went swimming in our pool at our complex. Everyone had so much fun. I thought I had more pictures of all the kids, but at least I got the waterbaby. Especially her cute little sleepy pose. I hope you enjoy them. We'll be doing more swimming soon. It stays warmer here longer, and the pool is heated. So for all of you in cold weather country, eat it up!!!!