25 June, 2014

New baby birds

So our parakeets have a new set of babies. Two have hatched already, out of five eggs, but it is still possible for all five to hatch. We shall see. 

Some pictures of the little ones. 

And here are the proud parents. :)

As you can see, the parents have good coloring, so we are hoping for some pretty babies. 

24 June, 2014

Evelyn updates

Evelyn has discovered her toes. They are her new favorite thing to play with. 

I also caught her snuggling with her new blanket aunt Debbie made for her. 

A few other new things she is doing that I did not get a picture of yet. Secret, accidental rolling. I'll put her down on a blanket to play with toys either on her front or back, I'll look away and find she has rolled over. Nothing consistent yet, but it is the beginning of being mobile. She will also scoot around to grab things, not far yet, and not forward yet. It is fun having a baby in the house again. Everyone in the family is absolutely in love with her. She is so happy, and loves to giggle. :)

09 June, 2014

Brenna's VPK Graduation

Brenna has graduated VPK, and is now ready for kindergarten next year. We recently went to her graduation where she dazzled us with songs, poems, and reviews from the year along with the rest of her classmates. 

Congratulations Brenna!!!!

Boy Scouts, Bear

So Conner and his scout mates, have earned their bear badges. He really loves scouts, and is doing such a great job. :)

Mom and Conner. 

Dad and Conner. 

They did the pinewood derby after the awards and dinner. Conner won both of his races. So exciting. 

Corby could hardly contain his excitement. :) This birthday Corby will be joining his brother in scouts. How exciting. 

My bouncy baby girl.

These bouncy swing this remind me of when I was younger watching my little sisters jumping around in them. You can see she wore herself out jumping around. What a cutie. ;)