05 November, 2012

Halloween 2012

This was our Halloween this year.  I decorated pretty much the day of. But it all turned out well.  Instead of pumpkin Jack-o- lanterns, we painted some milk jugs, and drew faces onto them.  I also bought a blacklight for my porch light.  The affect was very nice.  I can't  forget our fun dummy we made out of random clothes, and stuffed with plastic grocery bags.  It was fun.  I think it was our best decoration yet.  A favorite by far for the whole family. Can you all guess what everyone is dressed as?

Maren - Katniss, Brenna- fairy princess, Corby- a bat, and Conner- a Cat. 

We made the bow and arrows.  It was fun. :)

Our Dummy. What do you think.  It definitely gave us more ideas for next Halloween.

The rest of the decorations.  The spiderwebs shined nice and eerily in the black light.  Awesome affect.  The candy didn't last too long.  I made sure to put it out in small increments.  You know how greedy some trick or treaters can be. 

We went to the church for a church Fall Festival.  I decorated a door to pass out candy. We also had a chili cook off, I made taco soup, the kids played at all the fun carnival like games, and won treats.  

Maren found another  Katniss.  They were known as "Big Katniss and Small Katniss."

Just before the kids went trick or treating, they had them all get together for a large group picture.  So many fun Costumes.  

The pictures weren't too great, but here is a small taste of my fun decorations at home. 

After the Church party we just went down our street trick or treating.  We ended up  all satisfied with our fun decorations, exciting costumes, full trick or treat bags, and tired from all our little adventures.

Corby Student of the Month

An awesome Birthday present for Corby was the announcement that he was Student of the Month.  He received his award on Halloween.  I now have a new sticker for my new van.  I am a proud Mama!! ;)

Riding Lilly

Last month we had a nice three day weekend, and while Maren went to horse camp for the day, the rest of the kids and I were invited to go horseback riding on my friend, Michelle's, horse Lilly.  
Everyone began by giving Lilly a nice brushing all over.  (Mom, Lilly is an ex- racehorse, and is as gentle as can be.  Yes, Thoroughbreds can be gentle too. ) 

One of the things I am loving about my new van, I was able to lay flat the back seats to make a nice hangout place for kids while they were waiting to ride.  Not bad at all. ;)

We even had a picnic. Yummy!!!

This is my kids' friend Austin, and his mom posing for a nice picture.

Here is Cowboy Corby riding on Lilly!!!  YeeHaaw!!!

Brenna makes a wonderful cowgirl. Tally Ho!!!

Here is Cowboy Conner, enjoying his ride. "Yipyip!!!"