19 January, 2012

G'maw & G'paw home coming.

We missed them at the airport, but met up with everyone at Sonny's. Afterwards we went back to the house for some happy chaos. :). Enjoy the fun pictures:)

05 January, 2012

Little clown face, and pretty birds.

Brenna got into my make up.  Made a little clown face for herself.  She was to cute to get mad at.

Saw these birds on my lawn yesterday just before we went to go pick up Corby from school.  It is quite amazing.  I wanted to just sit and watch them for awhile, but I was in a rush to get to Corby.  By the time I got my phone out to take a picture, they had already gone to my neighbor's lawn.  :(  Oh well, It was fun while it lasted.  

Visit from Debbie, Eric, Kim, and Wendy.

OK, I am still not a professional blogger.  The pictures I posted from my phone got all mixed up.  I'm sure I'll figure it all out one day.  Anyway,  on Dec. 29-31st Wendy, Kim, Debbie, and Eric all came down to visit us.  We had lots of fun.  On the 30th, we did ocean stuff.  We first went to the Oceanographic center and learned about Conchs  and the Dolphin winter.  They said that the famous dolphin, Winter, was rescued here from the Harbor Branch Oceanographic center.  It was just after a Hurricane, so the facility was not up to snuff for an injured dolphin, so it was transferred to the facilities mentioned in the movie, I forgot the name.  :-/  
After the Oceanographic center we went to the little Aquarium that is near here and were able to touch starfish, sea urchin, horseshoe crab, and more.  We also looked at many gorgeous fish, including the moon jelly (proper name Aurelia....something....).  I think you can look at some past blogs to see pictures from this aquarium.  
We went to the beach on the indian river next to the aquarium, and the kids enjoyed playing in the sand and swimming in the freezing cold water, while us adults watched boats go by, and enjoyed the warmth of the sun and the gorgeous scenery.  
After we drove down to the Jetty, where the river and the ocean meet,  and walked down the peer, and had fun on the beach.  The kids found some great shells.  This is the best place I've found to hunt for awesome shells.  
Then Sean treated everyone to a wonderful meal at a hibachi grill. It was delicious, and entertaining.  
The next day, we all hung out while I cooked up a yummy Turkey for everyone.  We had lots of fun playing around.  It was great having family come down and spend some much needed time with them.  Thank you Kim, Wendy, Eric, and Debbie!!!  We love you all so much!!!

This is at the Hibachi Grill.  We had so much fun, and it was delightful!!!  :)
Adorable Brenna with her napkin bib.  She didn't like the flames from the entertaining chef, but she did love the yummy food.
Here is a picture from the Jetty.  Kim and Wendy acting silly.  :)
My cute/ Handsome, Concon.  Love my cute kiddies.
Conner created this "Shell City".  He had such a fun time putting it together and was so proud of it.  I see engineer or architect in his future.  :)
This was at the beach by the river near the aquarium.  So cold!!!
Corby using his chopsticks to eat his yummy meal.  So far so good.
Debbie and Eric were so adorable to watch together.  What a cute couple.  :)
Maren enjoying her Miso soup.
Debbie and Brenna looking cute together. Going down the Jetta bridge.
My underwater divers.  Taken at the Oceanographic center.
Debbie, Eric, and Corbs enjoying their meals.
So cute.  :)
We saw some great boats going down the river.  
Sean, Maren, Brenna, and Me, all loving our food.
Lots of fun going to the Jetta!!!
I wasn't quick enough to get a good picture of the chef, he was quick.
Fun in the Sand.
Pretty pelicans.
Getting ready to be seated.
Cute little Breanna with Big brother Corby. 
Fun on the Dunes.  
We love you Aunt Wendy!!!!
Lovely beach scene.