29 February, 2012

Gator of the month!!!

Conner made Gator of the month this month!!!! :) Yiiiipppppeeee!!!!

18 February, 2012

Happy 3rd birthday Brenna!!!


Today Brenna turned 3.  She was so excited to finally have her birthday. The kids and I went to Burger King to play on the playground and each lunch, so daddy could sleep for his night shift.  Then we went to Wal-mart so the kids could buy her a gift.  They had fun trying to figure out what to get her. My little baby girl is 3 now. :(  I guess they have to grow up sometime. 

The birthday girl living it up.

Fun on the grounds. :)

Bubble Boy!

Cute kids. ;)

The birthday cake.  Our neighbor gave us some starfruit from off of his tree just before I decorated the cake.  It made a great contribution.  My kids absolutely love starfruit. :) 
The big 3!!!  It was a strawberry, blueberry, starfruit shortcake.  I used a mix for angel food cake, yummy, but difficult to cut into, because it was spongy.  I'll need to experiment with angel food cake some more.  I'm sure my kids won't complain too much. ;)

Maren, honor roll student!!! 2012

Maren recieved the "Principal's" Honor Roll just recently.  She received straight A's on her report card. I was a bit late getting to the school, but got there just in time to see her receiving her reward. We are so proud of her.  She is such a hard worker, so smart, and so awesome!!! I know the pictures are just about as good as the ones you see for bigfoot, but they will have to do.  I'm no professional, that is for sure. ;)

Some of the fun prizes she recieved for her efforts.  I had one on my car already from the last time she received it, so this one went on Daddy's truck.  Can't argue with the Gator;)

Loving siblings.

I was able to meet some of her best friends from school.  They also received awards for Honor Roll. Congratulations girls!!! What a cute little group of friends. :)

A cool blimp!!!

While we were jumping on the trampoline, we saw this cool blimp float by.  I just had to take pictures.


David is now 10, double digits!!!  So to kick off his first decade with a bang, Sage had the great idea of going to Legoland to celebrate.  If you have been waiting in suspense for the pictures of the great fun we had, you need not wait any longer.  I did not get to take pictures of everything, if you want to check out the link, it is http://florida.legoland.com/en/Coming-Soon/
There you will find the total package.  So much fun.  My kids had a blast and are already trying to plan when we should go back. :)

How many cousins can  you name?
As you come in, there are these massive dinosaurs made entirely out of legos.  

Our first "must do" thing we did, was to watch the water ski show of "Captain Brick Beard, the pirate."

I found some great treasure.  Of course I claimed it.  ;)
After the Show, we divided up into three groups, the oldest kids that wanted to go quickly through the rides with out little tagalongs, they went around with Troy, the middle kids, that didn't want to go so fast, but didn't want to hang with the babies, grandpa and I went around with that group, and the babies.  Sage, Chrissy, and grandma hung around with them on the playgrounds and other places designated for "babies" ;)

The first ride.  Lots of fun!!! Since I was in the middle group, you will see most of the pictures will be of them.
We had a little buddy system. 

David and Joseph

Jessica and Maren
Brenna playing at a "distraction zone" where the younger kids can play while you wait for the rides.  Quite brilliant, really.

This car is made completely out of legos.  If you click on the Legoland link, you can see a video of them putting this car together.  Amazing.....Can you name all the cousins?

I hung back with Maren for this ride.  She has a fear of fast rides.  But it sure looked fun. :)

Next we were able to boat around.  There were a few times where some crazy "kid" drivers blocked the way, but we managed to get through.;)

The boys "had" to get pictures being eaten by Jaws. So cute.

The boys were locked up later, for being adorable. :)

Of course we had to get our pictures taken next to Darth Vader and R2D2.

Here are some pictures of the fun mini towns they had laying around. So cute, so fun, wish I had more pictures.

Pizza anyone?

Again we split up.  I stayed with some of the younger kids in the group who just wanted to have fun in the play areas, instead of running around from one ride to another.

One of the last rides they went on was a jousting one.  What cute little knights. :)

When all the rides closed down, I got some cute pictures of the kids posing on or next to cute lego characters.
like the three little piggies.

The London gaurds have nothing on these guys.  Can they stand still with little ones climbing all over them?  I think not. :)

Looks like this one fell asleep.  Good think Corby and Mary are there to help wake him for his rounds.

Just clowning around.

As everyone left, I tried to get a picture of each of my kids on a letter in their names. Since there are no "B" in the word "Welcome" we put Brenna on the letter "E". 

"C" for Conner!!!!

"M" for Maren!!!!

and "C" for Corby!!! Yay!!!!

The park was opened only from like 9a-5p which didn't leave for much time to rush through all the rides, and see all the sights in one day, but it just leaves more fun for another day, right. :)