30 November, 2010

Day after Thanksgiving

We stayed the night at Rob and Jen's. All the kids had a blast, jumping on the trampoline, swinging on the swings, playing pirate in the sandbox, and swinging in the hammock.

Then morning after Jen had the wonderful idea to play with the parachute. They all played a game called cat and mouse. The person in the center of the parachute was the cat, and had to find the mouse, the person under the parachute, by feeling around. They all had so much fun playing it. Jen is so creative.

29 November, 2010

Thanksgiving with Rob and family

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!!!
We went up to eat Thanksgiving at Rob and Jen's. Sage and her family were also there, and so were Yvonne and Heather, along with Heather's friend. It was a potluck, so we all contributed to the meal. As you can see, Sean was the one who carved the Turkey. Jen was the one who roasted up the juicy bird. Delicious.

How do you like the layout? Is your mouth watering up? Everyone seemed to really enjoy it.

Corby decided to try on a leaf from the decorations from on the table.
Below is Heather with her friend.

Stephen was testing out the toy car, while Brenna was modeling her cute leaf.

Yvonne saved the day by making her delicious gravy. We were going to use a recipe, but she had it all from memory. Uuummuuummm good.

Here is beautiful Aurelia and her awesome dad:)

A visit to Aunt Sage's house

We had a lot of fun visiting with Aunt Sage the day before Thanksgiving. Here is Brenna playing the piano. She had some great examples, when Victoria, and all the others kept playing pretty tunes for us. How inspiring. Here is a little summary of our little trip of swimming, playing with animals, and just plain ole' fun!!!! :)

The kids are in 4H this year and Jessica is doing chickens this year. We were lucky enough to see them when they were still chicks. Corby, Brenna and Mary were kind enough to pose with them for me. What cute kids. :)

The Wilcoxes were showing us ropes for how to be a farmer.
You can't farm if you can't sit on a fence properly, thank you for showing us Victoria.

Little Mary is showing off the little goat that Summer is raising for the 4H program.

Jessica is modeling off the cute little pig that David is doing for the program this year.

Here is everyone trying out their different pig and goat calls. Good job guys, looks like it worked.

Here is a closer look at one of Jessica's chicks, it was inside a container, so I couldn't get a very clear picture. We did have lots of fun. Baby animals are just sooooo cute.

Speaking of baby animals, are these little puppies not adorable? Here Little Corby is having the time of his life enjoying every minute with cute cuddly little white puffball like puppies. They are so cute we couldn't resist. We are hoping to purchase one from the Wilcoxes for Christmas. :) Now won't that make Little Corby the happiest in the world? As well as Maren, Conner, and Brenna. I think this will be the gift to remember for time to come in our family.

On to the pool. Sage and Troy were so creative in their plans for this pool. The tiles were so cute. The starfish were on the steps into the water. Each color represents a different child in the family. I don't remember which one goes to which child. I'll need a refresher from Sage later.

Here are the cute little turtle and dolphin. If you look real close you can see that they even did tiles that shadowed the turtle and the dolphin. And you can see the dolphin chasing the beach ball.

Below you will see just how much fun they had in that cold cold water. They didn't care, as long as they were able to swim.

A self made water slide, very creative.

Here are the girls wrestling and alligator. Very brave.

Here is Mary on top of, and inside of the little playhouse. Brenna also loved this little house.

How do you like the static hair?

Well, this concludes our pictures of our trip to Sages. Hope you like the pictures.!!!!

Maren gets student of the month

Maren get's student of the month!!!! :)

For the Month of November, Maren was named "Student of the Month" for her class. Here we are eating lunch with her at the school cafeteria.

When we first got there Brenna was sleeping. Luckily I had my trusty stroller to help bring her in for our lucky lunch with Maren.
Corby, below, is showing how much he enjoys his lunch. Yum Yum.

Now Maren is also showing how much she is enjoying our lunch together.

Afterward Corby had to get his picture taken with Buzz Lightyear. He is even drinking his milk to make his bones nice and strong just like Buzz Lightyear.

17 November, 2010

Summer pictures 2010, Playing at G'ma Von's

I think that one of the things that I will remember about visiting G'ma Von's house will be playing outside on her 2 acres. Also how much fun the kids have mowing the lawn with Daddy. Here is Conner racing around with Daddy on the lawnmower. Unfortunately G'ma wasn't home when we visited. She was out on a run of jobs out of the state. Fortunately we were able to visit with Aunt Heather. We had a great time with her.

Here is Maren showing off her green thumb, something she did not get from me. She loves taking care of plants and animals.

Here is cute little Cadberry, Aunt Heather's newest addition to her puppy pack. She is really fun and cute.

Here is Brenna and Daddy enjoying a ride on the mower.

Conner had so much fun. Look no hands!!!

Now Brenna and Corby are having a go on the mower. How fun!!!

Here is a little video for those who would like the action. I know my kids will.

What a fun Daddy. The kids always have a blast playing with him.