19 December, 2010

The kids had a school concert on last Thursday. They were cute, of course. It was difficult getting pictures and videos since they opened and closed the curtains so quickly between sets. But I think I got a few good ones. Below Conner sang "Five Little Snowmen".

After Conner was finished with his song, all the kids were able to sit with their parents. I looked around for Conner and couldn't find him. So I kept on looking for him, getting more and more nervous. Then Sean signaled to me that everything was OK
. I went back to my seat and up on the stage was Conner. He was chosen to sit up with the principal as he read the story of "The Night Before Christmas." He never mentioned to me that he would be doing that. It was definitely a relief, and funny. He couldn't stay in one place, so the whole time he was comically playing with his hat, looking around, and eventually sat next to the principal to see the pictures in the book.

Here is Little Corby Hamming it up. He loves to get his picture taken.
Daddy was able to come to the program as well. We were blessed that he could be there. Normally he'd be working his crazy hours, but he decided to take that week off, and luck have it, his week off landed on the week the play was. Yippeeeee!!! We love having daddy around:)

Brenna is so cute. She was asleep when we arrived at the school, but luckily she woke up just in time for the festivities.

Now it is Maren's turn. I tried to get a good picture of her, but I had little ones jumping around me and it was difficult, to say the least, to hold the camera still. The third grade did two different songs, "Hanuka" and "Rock'n Around the Christmas Tree." On the second one she was chosen to do the dancing part with the other kids. She was so excited and practiced so hard for it. It was my opinion that she was the best dancer in the whole group.

Since the program landed on Sean's and my anniversary (year 10) we decided to all go out and eat at the Cracker Barrel for dinner afterward. Cracker Barrel is one of the kids most favorite restaurant to eat at, I think because of the fun shop and cool antiques. I think it is only ranked under Chuck'E Cheese, and McDonalds. All in all it was a very fun evening.
I was trying to upload some videos of them singing and dancing, but it wasn't working very well. I will try again later, so I'll keep you posted.

Static Shock!!!

What better science experiment is there then the one of static shock. There is nothing more fun then chasing around a sibling or friend with the intention of zapping them. Well, the fun didn't stop when I grew up. It is just as fun for my own kids. Being on the trampoline you can see the fun of static electricity. Not is is only fun for the zapping but also for the wacky hairdos. Brenna is modeling the classic fuzz.

The videos below show the fun of static shock, and a few tricks. Fun flips.

Snow day???

We had a cold snap the other day and everything froze over. Being in southern Florida, where we get no snow or frost, it was very fun. The kids made snow angels on the trampoline, and looked where the water froze over in water toys. It was what I would imagine a snow day would be for all you people more up north.
Happy Birthday Conner!!!! Conner is now 6.
We had chocolate sprinkle cupcakes for his birthday. It was a low key party, just family. We had lots of fun.

Here Conner is showing how much he loves his cupcake.

These are pictures of our newest pet, Snowball. We went to the pet store so he could pick out a special pet for himself, just like for Maren and Corby's birthday's, and he picked out this cute little white gerbil. She is busy, busy, busy. Always chewing, always moving, very quick. I think it will be very fun to make up some sort of maze or obstacle course for her. We are having so much fun with our little pets:)

01 December, 2010

Maren's 9th birthday

Happy Birthday Maren!!!! She is now nine years old. Which means that in a few weeks Sean and I would have been married for 10 years. Yikes! We had a nice little family party. Maren got some great gifts.

Here is Maren showing off her # 9 cupcake and below is Brenna showing off her cupcake smile:)

Here is Conner asking for more cupcake, and Corby licking his fingers after chowing down on delicious cupcake.

Here is Maren's favorite gift of all. She got a Chinese dwarf hamster. She named her Twila, and is just the cutest little hamster you can find. We almost bought one of the double decker hamster cages, but decided that she would be small enough to fit through the bars. Since we have a cat, that would have been a recipe for disaster. She is nice and secure in her tank. The kids have so much fun making up obstacle courses for her, and just plain holding her. She loves to climb up one's arm and snuggle up on your shoulder right next to your neck. I think I might have to get another one though. All the kids love her so much and all want to hold her all the time.