24 July, 2014

Update on baby parakeets

In an earlier post we posted about our new baby parakeets. Well, tragedy struck while the kids and I were out visiting family. We came home and one of the baby birds was dead, and the parents refused to take care of the remaining bird. I didn't know what to do, since I was busy enough with my own babies, and household. I was afraid the surviving budgie would not make it. I also had no knowledge at all of how to feed a baby budgie. 

Maren came to me and was asking about what we were going to do with the bird. I told her that if she wanted to try and save it, she could have it. So we looked up on the internet about what to feed them and how to feed them. We drove to petco to buy formula, but could not find anywhere the special spoon mentioned in many of the online post, there wasn't even a website for where to buy one. The bird, now named Budgie, would not eat the formula, we tried even forcing it to eat , but nothing was working very well. He ate very little, if at all. 

One day, Budgie was just pecking around on the counter, so we put a few bird seeds down, and he went crazy over them. Poor thing tried so hard to eat them, since he was only three weeks old, he didn't know how to eat them right, so he swallowed the whole, and they'd come out the same way later. Then I had a brilliant idea to grind some birdseeds in my wheat grinder, and make a little mash out of it. He loved it. No more tring to force him to eat. Now we mix the formula with the ground up seeds, and as a result we have a fat happy baby Budgie. :-) 

Maren is the one who mainly cares for him, and they do just about everything together. I've got to say, I have never personally liked birds that much, other then to look at, but this bird is so cute. He has the greatest personality, and loves to be petted, and played with. 

Fun with Grandma Von

We had a nice visit with grandma Von for the Fourth of July. We watched fireworks, picked blueberries, met up with old friends at church, and of corse played with dogs. Evelyn thought Beamer, the little wiener dog, was the funniest thing ever. 

Maren even made off with a pair of grandma Von's old roller blades. Grandma said she couldn't use them anymore and gave them to her. So now Maren, and her brothers and sisters have been practicing around the house figuring out how to balance on them. 

We had a great visit, lots of fun. :)