25 January, 2014

Preggie belly

So I decided to take a picture of my pregnant belly before the baby comes, which should be any day now. Baby Evelyn is due on Monday, but could come anyday now. We are excited to see her when she finally decides to come. All in good time though. :)

Migrating robins

Last year we experienced a big flock of migrating robins in our yard and around our neighborhood. Today we experience them again. I have a picture, but it just doesn't show the awesomeness that they are in life. 

My morning view

One thing I love about my home is in the morning waking up to beautiful sunrises, and the fun colors that come with them. I'll see rust oranges, light purples, pinks, and finally blues. It is amazing. I've never experienced so many beautiful sunrises as I have here. Usually I just catch the beautiful sunsets. 

I tried to capture the sunrise this morning, but pictures just don't do it any justice. 

20 January, 2014

New phone

So, our baby is due in a week, and I realized that all of our cameras work terribly. I mentioned it to Sean, and he reminded me that we were due for iPhone upgrades. I jumped on it. Now I have the next generation up, from 3G to 4G. With my up grade my phone can now do panoramic pictures, I have a flash for my camera, and I have a forward facing camera, which makes for good selfies. ;) I can also skype or do FaceTime, iPhone's version of skype. I feel like I have gone up in the world. 
As for my old phone, Maren's is currently using it as an iPod until I can find a good prepaid plan that is good and cheap for her.  Here are a few test pictures we took for your enjoyment. ;)
The one with Maren in in the black and purple jacket is her getting ready for her first youth temple trip.  She is getting so big. :)