05 December, 2013


I know it has been a long while since I've updated my blog.  For those of you who have not seen our new house, here it is.  Our lot is a little over an acre and a half, sits next to a little river, and in a nice, quiet, old, scenic neighborhood. This is, by far, the largest house we have ever lived in.  Over 3000 sqft. with four bedrooms, and three bathrooms.  We also have a basement, which we hardly ever use, because, truth be told, Florida should never have basements.  It is alright when it is not raining, but when it does rain, there are plenty of puddles that come up from underground.  We are looking for ways to fix that, but until that happens, we just avoid really going down there.  
We have four mango trees, which we found out squirrels are crazy about. We also have banana trees, and a citrus tree, that I thought was an orange tree, but turns out the pulp tastes more like a ruby red grapefruit.  We also have a starfruit tree, which we were so excited about, after our wonderful one at our last house, but turns out the ones here are sour/ bitter.  I'll have to research them and see if there is a way to fix it to produce sweeter fruit.  
We love the new space, and all the old trees in the yard.  One can't help but feel it a nice get away from all the hustle and bustle of the outside world.  The nice thing is, we get the feeling of being out in the country, while also being really close to shopping, and major highways.  
Yes, we love our new home.  We are still trying to get the insides better, furniture wise.  Going from a 1300sqft. house to a 3000sqft. house requires much more furnishing. But it is slowly coming along.  I'm not in any rush to make things perfect just yet.  One thing at a time.  But eventually, we'll have it filled with our own finishing touches.  
Also, we are expecting a new little one in our family. In January, we are expecting a little girl. Evelyn Rose.  
I will try to do better to update everyone with things going on. It will take awhile. I have a whole year to update, as well as keep up with going ons around here. Until then, I hope this little update keeps everyone satisfied until I can do more. :)