30 January, 2010


I know I am not very good at updating my blog. Sorry to disappoint all of you fans out there.
Here is an update on life of Hendersons in Jensen.
Conner and Maren are both in soccer, playing for the YMCA. Conner's first practice, which was a Tuesday, went very well. The next morning when I woke him up for school I noticed that he had his shin guards and cleats still on. When I inquired as to why he slept with his soccer gear on, he replied "I wanted to be ready for my soccer game." Which of course wasn't until Saturday.
Maren also is playing, she practices on Thursdays. She is actually playing positions this year. My little girl is growing up.
Maren is also in Brownies, which means that we are also selling cookies right now. We went to Conner's practice on Tuesday and brought a few boxes to sell there while we were watching conner play. We saw another girlscout selling cookies as well, going up and down the lanes between the soccer fields. I suggested Maren to do the same. She started down our lane, then quickly turned back towards me with tears in her eyes. When I asked what was wrong she said, "I'm too shy, I don't want to talk to anyone." I couldn't get too upset, because I too share her horrible shyness. I've learned to overcome it, no matter how scary a situation it may seem, but Maren on the other had has not. I didn't press her, but we have been selling cookies at the entry of our apartment complex. Not doing too badly either. But I am ready for the sale to be over. One more week to go. On the other hand I am finding out what a great salesman little Corby is. Whenever we are selling cookies he picks up the Lemon Chalets (his favorite, because they are in a yellow box, his favorite color.) and he will go up to anyone nearby and say "Wanna buy some cookies!" I think he is more excited about selling cookie then Maren and I combined., and more so.
Brenna is walking all over the place. Everywhere I go people are amazed that she is walking before 12mos. Which surprises me because when Maren started walking at age 9mos, I felt like she was late compared to all of the other kids we knew at that time. Things do change. Anyway, When we go to soccer she has her own little ball that she likes to kick around. She is sooooo cute.
I will try and get some Pictures soon. I have run out of film on my cartrige and my thumbdrive. I don't dare keep them on the computer with out back up in case something happens to my computer. It seems that as soon as you put something on a computer that is important to you with out backup, it decides to crash. Don't want to miss my cute little pictures. I am working on getting a new cartige soon. Until then. I guess my words will have to suffice.