26 December, 2011

Christmas best!

This is how beautiful the kids looked for church today. Aren't they just adorable?

24 December, 2011

Family Pictures.

When I found out that my neighbor likes to play around with the camera, and has a dad that is a professional photographer, and after I'd seen some of her other pictures she has done, I asked nicely if she would do our family pictures this year.  She agreed, being wonderfully nice as she is, and now we have more professional, then I could ever do, pictures of our family, mostly of the kids:)  She also showed me this website called picasa.  Her dad had shown her the website.  It is a free down load and is a great way to doctor your pictures, if need be.  Like for instance, Brenna had a runny nose the whole time, she was able to cut out the runny nose, and made her look like she didn't have a cold at all.  Or if a tree was placed awkwardly behind someone, she was able to take it out.  Awesome, right.  The website is picasa.google.com, for those of you who wanted to know.

Early Christmas

Since Sean has to work Christmas Eve and Day, we decided to have Christmas early this year.  We had so much fun, and received lots of fun stuff.  Merry Christmas every one!!!

One happy customer!!
Showing off the goods.  Brenna insists on keeping her hospital anklet on.  I think I'll sneak in later and cut it off while she is sleeping. ;}
See, I am at these events, I just am not always in the pictures.  Thanks to Maren for taking this one.  :)
Christmas Stocking. Each kid picked out their own.  Lots of fun stuff.  Notice the tooth paste in the back ground?  We are keeping up with the "Thompson" tradition of putting in a tooth brush, tooth paste, dental floss, an apple, an orange, and a banana, as well as other sweet goodies.  When I tell people at the store what they are for, they usually look perplexed.  Then of course they agree with how great an idea it is.  

Grandma Von and Aunt Heather, joined us in the holiday fun.
Our Christmas things before everyone got into it. Yes, we have a small tree, just more room for more presents, right?  

Sean likes the comic book heros, but his favorite is batman, so I couldn't resist getting him this  T- Shirt.

My first year putting up lights on the house.  On the box it said, "3000 bulbs" so I thought it would be long enough for our house, but it wasn't.  Sean came up with the bright idea of putting the lights around the garage.  Next year I'll add on to them, and maybe get the top of the house.  :)

Merry Christmas everyone!!!!