30 October, 2010

Pumpkin carving

You can't have Halloween without Jack' O Lanterns. Here is our pumpkin carving fun!

Here is Corby carving the little pumpkin. They had so much fun.

Of course you can't carve pumpkins without getting your hands all messy.

Maren is Showing off the pumpkin seeds that we later roasted. Delicious!!!!

Conner is showing off his Jack' O Lantern smile!!!!

Trunk or treating at church.

Trunk or treating at the church
Here is our little crew ready to trunk or treat in the parking lot of the church. We were lucky to have Kim visit us and join us in this delightful evening going as her cute self.

Here is mommy making scary eyes as her costume.

Brenna went as a cute little ladybug fairy. She was so cute, once she figured out that trick or treating meant getting candy, she was all for it. She learned quickly how to say "Trick or Treat!" She also learned that those who let her have all she wanted, how to take advantage of that. At one of the cars she kept digging into one of the bowls, like there was no tomorrow. We had a great laugh at how cute she was.

Corby was napping before the festivities, but once he figured out what was going on he woke up real quick. Notice his favorite character. Yes, he had to be Sponge Bob.

Here's Conner the Ninja!! Hiiiyaaa!!!!

Maren is supposed to be a bald eagle, but we couldn't find a bald eagle costume. We found an Eskimo girl outfit, we are going to try, for Halloween to used it to our Bald eagle advantage. Look for future post to see completed bald eagle outfit.

Every one made out like bandits. Candy galore. Afterward we took Kim to a fun restaurant called Cowboys. Lots of fun.

Conner Makes Student of the Month!!!!!

Conner made student of the month!!!!
Above is a picture of him and his certificate, next to his Kindergarten teacher, Ms. Gaskin. Below he is in line getting ready to go back to class. Before that, Brenna, Corby and Mommy all got to eat lunch with him in the school cafeteria.

Here is cute little Brenna eating her banana.

Here is Corby proudly supporting his brother in his great achievement.

And Conner eating his yummy hamburger. We had lots of fun.

Cute Brenna Pictures

Cute Little Brenna Pictures!!!
Here is Brenna enjoying a Banana...Yum yum!!!!

Now it is time for Cake!!!!

Fun with Balloons

Hanging out with Daddy!!!!

Corby's B-day

Here is Corby turning four.
He was so excited to have Sponge Bob cupcakes.

Now he is opening up his presents. :)

Fun shirt from G'ma Von.
He had a very fun day opening up presents and eating cake. On Saturday, that weekend, we went to Chuck'E Cheeses to add to the fun.