30 September, 2012

Grandparent's camp 2012

This year for grandparent's camp we went back to the beach house.  It was full of fun and adventure, and the best part, my dear sweet husband was able to join us.  Sean works long hard hours at the Nuclear Power plant here in S. Florida.  But he was lucky enough this time to join us. Below are pictures I had taken throughout G'parent's camp. :) Enjoy. 

Here was the first day, that we were there.  We are all getting ready for FHE together.  So much fun. 

Cute boys. 

My dear sweet "Aussie" sister. :)

G'ma and G'pa getting ready for a meal. :)

Budding artists.

Surprise Troy!!!

Here are the soon to be newly weds. :) 

Gorgeous sunrise over the ocean.  Love the view. 

The beach view of the beach house.

My dear sweet husband.

See the crab?


Hello Conner!!!

Front view of beach house.

Getting ready to ride the trails. 

Pictures of the Mud Bogger that Uncle Bubby made himself.

Brenna ready to take on the trails. :)

Kiddie rides.

Sean's favorite part of G'parent's camp.

Wendy is a natural.  Hold on tight Daniel, you have married an authentic machete girl. :)  

Showing off.  Oh how fun. :)

Got them all. 

Swimming at Aunt Dawn's house after mud bogging.

Playing games on the beach, like "What time is it Mr. Fox" and "Lemonade."

Grandpa taking it all in. :)

Brown boot the pirate and the hunt for treasure.

Found it. :)

As Rachael Ray would say, "Yummo!!!"

Fun with cousins.

Seaweed castles.  Made by Mary. Ingenious. 

Buried in the sand.  Uncle Rob buried them deep enough that it was very difficult getting them back out. But so much fun. :)

Sand is so much fun to play in, especially when you have fun cousins to create with.

Showering off the sand, it didn't help out too much, that sand really liked to cling.

Playing cards.

Getting ready for carnival.

Making customized treat bags for carnival prizes.

Of course G'ma with a cute baby.  

Craft time.  Making sea shell creatures.

Family picture time. We identified different families with different colored shirts. 

The siblings, and Grandparents

All the grand kids.

Our own family pictures.

Picknick out on G'ma's and G'pa's new land.  Next years destination for grandparent's camp.  

Items for scavenger hunt. Animal, grasshopper.

Roll of barbed wire.


Palm tree


Closed gate

Broken section of fence.

A hill, ant hill.

Oak tree

Black berries.

Sitting out on Aunt Sage's SUV waiting for results from scavenger hunt.

An old cow tooth.

Trying to capture Cassie on film, not easy. ;)

Almost got her. 

Sunset on Grandparent's new property.

Our attempt at catching the sun.

Conner and daddy playing Frisbee. 

Last day, flying kites. 

And swimming

Look at Debbie's cute little baby bump. 

Going to catch a wave.

Our shelter from the sun

We had so much fun at Grandparent's camp, and getting to know cousins and Aunts and Uncles.  We can't wait until next year to see what the grandparents have in store for us. :)