28 September, 2009

More Brenna pictures

More cute little Brenna pictures

Rub a dub dub two cute kids in a tub!
All of my kids are water babies. They all love to splash around and have fun in any kind of water. Brenna loves the water so much she will crawl around in the tub and kick her little leg splashing water everywhere. Corby couldn't let his little sister have all the fun, so he decided to join her .
Brenna is very good at eating her fruits and veggies. She wants to grow up big and strong like her big brothers and sister.
Here is Brenna's cute little smile. Who can say no to someone so cute?

Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all? Well, Brenna, of course. I have a similar picture of Maren at about the same age. I will have to try and figure out how to get that one on so we can compare them.

More Brenna pictures.

Rubba dub dub two kids in a tub, a Brenna and a Corby trying to get clean. All my kids are water babies. Brenna gets so excited to be in the tub she crawls all around and splashes her little legs. Big brother couldn't let her have all the fun though.

The other Pictures are of Brenna eating her fruits and veggies like a good little girl, and her cute little smile.

The last picture is my attempt at being artistic. I have a simular one of Maren at about the same age. It would be fun to compare.

Sean's haircut

How do you like the new do? Here is Sean's profile shot. Do you like the
attempted mohawk?

Here is a straight on shot. Do you like it? I finally got the pictures to work again. I will put on a few more new postings and pics.

23 September, 2009

I've been trying to upload some pictures to my blog today, but for some reason they don't seem to be working. I think that my connection is not all that great today. I'll try again some other time.

22 September, 2009

Busy school days.

These past couple of weeks have been so busy with walking Maren to the bus stop, dropping Conner off at the pre-school, doing water walking(walking laps in the pool with Brenna and Corby), picking up Conner, eating lunch, walking to the bus stop to pick up Maren, homework, Sean coming home from work, eating dinner, etc. etc........ But it is nice to be busy again. I keep forgetting to get pictures of the kids' schools to show you guys how they look like. But I keep forgetting. But I did remember to take one picture of our happenings today. Check out Sean's new do! As soon as I can get my battery charged.

07 September, 2009

Brenna Pictures

Here are a few cute little Brenna photos. We sure are enjoying having a baby in the house again. There is nothing that can brighten up a house more than a cute little roly- poly baby. We have so much fun trying to make her laugh and smile. Her Brothers and Sister adore her and love holding her and trying to help her play games, eat, and just be happy.
Look at that Cute little Smile.
Sean likes it when Brenna lays like this. It's her "cool" pose.

Here's my cutie pie doing the "Cobra" pose!! (for those who ever do Yoga)Belly time! This was taken a few monthe ago. I think she was about two or three months here. She's doing a great job holding her head up. Every one tells us that Brenna looks like a little Maren. Maren's nickname in school is "ME" because of her first and middle initials (Maren Elspeth). So sometimes we call Brenna our "Mini ME" I will add more pictures of the kids as they grow.

05 September, 2009

Check out the Gators and Crocs!

Conner, watchout for that huge Croc!!!
Look at this guy!


Our horse broke down, so we had to take the gator.

Looks like the croc got Conner.

Turtle time!!

Here's the Tortise, now where's the Hare?

Who wants a ride?

Maren and Jessica BFF's

Cutie Corby

Conner, king of the tortise!!!

Going to the Alligator farm with Grandma and Grandpa

Here's a cool looking lizard.
Conner petting the big long Python.

Look how cute Cassie is.

Conner and Ella hanging out.

Here is the cool Cobra we tried to get a picture of his cool crest.

Everyone wants a ride on the alligator. Try not to get bitten.

My cutie pies

Here are some newer pictures of my kiddles. You can see that Corby wasn't in the best of moods for this picture.

Are you ready to go yet!! Corby loves going for rides in the stroller. Every one is just looking cute.

Here is a good pictures. Everyone is smiling and looking cute.

Here's Conner, Corby, and Maren from last year. I still need to put up a more recent picture with Brenna. I'm working on it. But aren't they cute!!

03 September, 2009

Hey everyone!

We are finally joining the 21st century. This is part of our little family. I still need to find a more current family photo with Brenna.