27 May, 2011

School Field Days

This was a week of Field Days.  Monday was Conner, then Friday was Maren.  I wasn't able to see the whole thing, but what I saw was pretty fun.  Here are a few cute picture so you can have a little sample of the fun  they had!!!!

Conner waiting for the event "Over, Under" to start.

Waiting for that ball.

He got it!!!!


Pass it down the line!!!!

Run it to the front to start again!!!!


Time for Tug- O- War

Waiting for the Go signal.

GO GO GO!!!!!


They won!!!!!

Ready to start round two.



They didn't win the second time, but they had a lot of fun!!!!

Maren ready for the Water Toss.

Good Catch Maren


Almost.  Amazingly it did not pop, and they were the one to keep the water balloon going the longest!!!

Now it is time to fill up the buckets.  They run the wet sponge to the bucket at the other end and try to fill it to the line first.

Other events I did not see my kids get to do, because I came to late, and left too early. The sack race.

Scooter race

Running race.

All in all, the kids had a great time.  I'm glad I was able to catch what I did.  

23 May, 2011

Soccer spring 2011

The kids are in soccer again this year. We don't live near a YMCA anymore, and that makes things more difficult in finding teams to put the kids on.  On top of that the schools and the city really don't advertise when and what sports are available to the public. So it has almost taken me one year to finally track something down for the kids to do.  I discovered I9- sports. It is more expensive then YMCA, and they have both the practices and the games on the same day.  But the kids are having a blast, and they are getting out and doing something.  That I like.  
The first few pictures are of Maren playing.  She has become a bit of a pro, with this being her fourth season playing.  I had a few parents ask me how she got so good.  I told her that because of this being her fourth season, she knows what she's supposed to do, and does it.  It made me feel so proud of her to have the other parents and players be so impressed by her abilities. :)
It seemed that each time I'd make it over to Maren's field to watch her play, that she'd be in  out of the game.

Here is Maren running for the ball!!!! Go Maren Go!!!!

Look at those moves.  Shes getting in there.  

Good save Maren!!!!!

This is Corby's first year on a team.  He is still learning about team work and how to share the ball, and how not to throw a tantrum every time someone else takes the ball.  But I know we had to go through this with the other two, so I know that by the end of this season, he should like the game a bit more.  He started off on the intermeadiat team with Conner, but because he is a bit younger, and had so many fits, we decided to put him onto a younger team.  One that would meet his needs a bit better.  He seems to be doing a bit better.  I like the fit a lot more, although because of his tremendous height, he is a head over all of the other kids.  We'll get his soccer spirit out soon enough. :)

Corby showing off his belly.  He'll do this for about half the game, as well as play with the goal and  boundary cones.

Yay!!!! He's actually walking around.  A great effort on his part.  Now we just have to get him to run after the ball.  One step at a time. :)

There he goes.  Seriously, each week he does get a little better. I think he just needs to know what it is he has to do.  He is figuring it all out. ;)

Another belly shot.

Conner is the last team to play in the day.  We are at the field for three hours each weekend, bouncing from one field to the next.  Conner is really starting to hold his own.  He is great at running after the ball now, and he even gets it a few times.  He is becoming one of our little athletes.  He really seems to love the game now.  We just need to work on him not being afraid to go into the crowd and fish out the ball to take down to the goal.  All in good time.  The most important thing is that he is having a great time.  Last year was his first year playing, and we were going through the same issues that we are going through with Corby this year.  It just makes stronger, in my mind, the Thompson family mottoes of  "Don't quit" and "give it 110%.  The don't quit part has been great to see, as when the kids first start something, they always get discouraged, and don't want to do it, but when we make them stick out the season, by the end of the season, they are begging for more.  What a great concept.

Go Conner Go!!!!!

He's ready for the throw- in!!!!

Get that ball!!!!
Here he is going after the ball.  Can you spot him in the crowd?

Conner gave me some pretty good camera shots.  Looks great, right!  What a cutie!!!
 Little Miss Brenna is just plain adorable.  She loves watching her older siblings take to the fields, and is ready for her turn, when it comes.  She learns so quickly.  What ever big brothers and sister do, she can do.  I am amazed at just how quickly she picks things up from them.  I am glad that they are such great examples for her to follow.  I know so many people freak out at the thought of my having four kids.  The most common comments from strangers, or even friends, that I see are "Wow,I can barely handle one, how can you do four?"  or "You must be busy."  As well as many other comments I can't really think of right now.  My answer, now that I have four, I wish I had the older ones when my oldest was a baby.  The bigger kids help to look out for the little ones, and things are never boring at our house.  I love each and everyone of my kids, and I am proud to be their mother.  They bring so much happiness to my life, and I have learned some wonderful life lessons along the way.

Here is cute little Brenna cheering on her sporty siblings.  Also, it was so hot outside, Maren discovered a water fountain.  They would fill up their empty Gatorade bottles with water, and pour it over their heads to cool themselves off.  Of course Brenna had to join in the festivities.  

Corby showing off how he likes to drink his Gatorade.  One capful at a time.  

Maren also enjoying her Gatorade one cap full at a time.  And watching her little brother play!!!

Some of the lessons include my learning how to be more patient, and how to laugh a little more.  Kids are a fountain of little life lessons.  They teach me so much.  I know they are also like little sponges learning as they go too.  I love hearing their little comments about things they have learned, or heard.  Kids sure do make ones life much more interesting.  I wouldn't trade any of it for the world.  I love being their mom!!!!

11 May, 2011


This afternoon at about 6, it started to rain.  I noticed that the rain had a slight ping on the windows, so we went outside to check for hail.  Sure enough, it did hail.  I am guessing that  it was about marble sized.  By the time we saw them they had melted down a bit.  I feel lucky, because I had gone shopping earlier and had my windows open a crack because it was 98' today.  Wow, big change from heat to hail.  :)