28 April, 2011

Going to the Beach

 A few weeks ago we went to this cool Oceanographic center near us.  I for got to get some cool pictures from inside.  But it is neat.  They had neat things to look at and a cool guide to tell us about what we were looking at.  They even had a neat touch tank, and he even told us some fun things about the creatures we were touching.  Like, the conch can make pearls, just like an oyster.  They are pinkish in color, and you can plant them into the conch, let it grow, and take it out with out harming the creature.  Neato.  The best part is, Its free to go there and check out their cool stuff.  They do like donations.

Below is from today.  We went to the pond down the road and tried our hands at fishing.  Yesterday we bought some kiddie fishing poles, and today we got to try them out.  I only put a hook on Maren's, because I knew there would be a disaster otherwise.   The poles came with cute floaters, which were fun for the kids to cast out.  Brenna's was a fish, and it was fun to joke around that she caught a cute little pink fish.  

Maren, Brenna, Corby, and Conner (behind the tree) fishing at the pond.

Cute Conner showing off his fishing skills.

Here's fisherman Corby and Fishergirl Maren. 

Brenna fishing, oh so cute.

       Hi, this is Maren. My mom had stuff to do at the moment. This is after throwing and throwing reeling and reeling until I finally caught a fish (it's green by the way) and my mom said I wouldn't catch one (I have to admit did not think I would catch one either)
THIS IS MY FIRST CATCH (I also wrote the beach one to)
A lovely day at the beach
Snorkeling and
 even more swimming
 playing in the sand

  1.  and a cute little Brenna

I'm back.  Maren is such a great helper.  I know the pictures are kind of smudged.  I was so surprised, and pleased when she caught that fish.  I couldn't believe it.  We didn't even really have any bait, just some plastic worm thing that came with the fishing rod.  And we had so much fun at Bathtub beach.  Corby was showing off his great swimming skills, and the kids had lots of fun with their snorkels and masks.  They are still working on swimming with fins on.  I think we'll go somewhere a little more calm tomorrow to test them out some more.  Yesterday we went to a beach in Vero, called Jayce Park.  It had nice white sand, like at Crescent Beach, although not as fine.  The waves were also a bit stronger then I like.  It almost claimed Brenna a few times.  I would turn my head for a second, and she would dash into the water and get bowled over, then the wave would try and pull her in.  Luckily I only looked away for a second so I could dash in to save her before any real harm could happen.  I think I'll go back there when she is either a bit older, or when I have another grown up with me.  Well, we are only partway through our Spring Break adventures.  Keep an eye out for more fun and exciting updates.  :)

13 April, 2011

Free Books!!!!

My Friend, Jenny (Used to be Bala), posted a link to a website where you can read some great children's books for free.  All the new and popular ones.  When you read a book, you can then have them donate a book to a charity of your choice or even to your kid's school.  The web address is http://www.wegivebooks.org . If you don't have a school that your kid is going to, or you want a school to donate to, please consider having them send the donated books to Chester A. Moore Elementry School, in Fort Pierce.  Thank you so much.  Enjoy your readings, I know we have.  :)