10 May, 2012

Mother's day dinner!!!!

Last night, the achievement day girls did a nice little dinner for their mothers. They served a nice Cesar salad, with bread, and strawberry shortcake for dessert.  They had painted some picture frames and put little pictures of them selves in them as gifts, and sang "I Often Go Walking" while one of the girls, who plays by ear, accompanied them on the piano.  They also told us how much they love us, and why they love mother's day. I felt so loved after it was all done. :)  What special girls, especially my special little Maren.  

We just started up on the local swim team this very night, and came straight over from there.  Conner and Maren are both on the team, and it was too far a distance, and not enough time to drop Conner off before the program.  So he was able to enjoy the little festivity as well. He is such a silly little boy with his silly little expressions. It sure is wonderful being a mother to such awesome kiddos!!!